Welcome to the NEW era!

Well hello fellow AWAKENERS 💜⚡

Are YOU beginning to Wake Up or want to know more about The Awakening that is currently going on?! Then this 1 hour webinar is for you where I'm talking all about The Awakening.

The time is NOW to realize that we are...

Wake up to the truth

  • Highly Empowered Spiritual BEings

  • Source Incarnate

  • A Unique God Spark on Our Own

  • Unconditional LOVE in Essence

  • Powerful Creator BEings

Are YOU ready to Ascend?



In this video I cover epic topics like...

Tune in!

  • THE Awakening. What's really going on?

  • Symptoms of beginning to WAKE up and how an awakening usually comes about.

  • The Phase of UNlearning, the Phase of Introspection & the Phase of RElearning.

  • Dealing with feeling like a LONER and like everything you have been told about reality is a LIE.

  • The Phase of RE-Alignment & External Changes.

  • Teaming up and Ascending with your SOUL tribe.

  • Surrendering to the Path of Continuous Growth and Expecting the Unexpected.

  • Unlocking Divine Codes.

  • Becoming the Divine Human.

  • Learning the Art of Co-Creating with Source.