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Receive Malin’s favorite way of accessing an Altered State of Consciousness through a Guided Breathwork Experience.

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  • Access to a surprisingly easy way of tuning into an altered state where bliss, love and clarity is found.

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  • Amplify of your intuition.

  • Generate a pure and magnetic energy field free from negative energy.

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Bonus Material

Additional Soul Immersion Gifts!

  • Top 10 Ways for a Daily Dose of Soul Magic.

    Receive 10 luscious and juicy tips to amplify the connection to your SOUL and lign up with the feeling of MAGIC in your day to day life <3

  • My Personal Favorite Morning Ritual.

    Receive tips for an abundant morning ritual & get ideas for how to create your own. Lign up with the frequency of harmony and begin your day feeling like your most radiant self.

  • High Frequency Music Playlists

    Get access to 3 of my personal fav morning ritual playlists. Music collection from the best yoga workshops and ecstatic dance events around the world. High vibe guarantee!