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I'm just a woman who dedicated my path to come home to my soul and design a life from that space within. I've gone as deep as it's possible to go and here to guide those who desire to find the same connection within themselves. My offerings are created with the purest intention - divinely guided from my heart to yours. And in that space is where you will find the answer if we are meant to go on this journey together <3

- May you be free to connect with your deepest essence -

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“Malin is one of the most powerful, inspirational, down to earth, yet Cosmic Divine Beings I have met to this day. Her teachings stream effortlessly through her almost as in a Trance State, where the energy flowing though her combined with her powerful choice of words are like the Golden Sword of Divine Truth, cutting through all the layers of limiting beliefs so that your True Radiant Self can shine though in all of its raw authentic expressions. If you wish to be pampered and soothed in a place of self pity, her activating one-on-one sessions will not be for you. But if you are ready to fully, deeply and wholeheartedly ignite the fire within, and in doing so have a powerful mirror standing in front of you channeling the truth expressed by your very own Soul, then search no more - this is the Activating Mentor brought to you by your own Divine Manifestation”

Lightworker, Visionary of UNITY

Shenaya Gaia

“Knowing Malin since she first dove into the path of Spiritual Awakening, I can confidently say she is the most committed person I’ve met. She lives and breathes what she teach and go all the way in – no shortcuts. Malin is a strong empath, highly sensitive to energies and has a clear intuition. She is fully in touch with her Soul and can teach you to do the same. If you would like guidance from someone who has been through darkest places to the brightest bliss and emerged like a Phoenix with a wealth of wisdom - Malin is your lady.”

Tesla Metamorphosis Healer & Teal Swan Completion Process Practitioner

Martine Thomassen

“Malin has been and continues to be a great inspiration and support for me as I transition into a lifestyle of freedom, joy, love and truth. She helpes me understand that I am free to live on my own terms. That I can - and do - create the life of my deepest desires. She continues to see me deeply, call me on my bullshit and encourage me forward with generosity and a fierce love that continues to amaze me. Thank you for holding my hand as I move through fears, insecurities and self-limiting beliefs so I can expand into the fullness of life as a liberated being. We are here for each other.”

Malin’s Sister, Fellow Human and Another Form of You

Josephine Lovelight

“Malin is a powerful, loving and devoted soul with a mission to make the world a better place, starting with unlocking the human potential. Her intentions of doing so are so pure. She gave up on her 'normal' life to follow her unique soul path. Malin is very in tune with her soul, life mission and energies, which always amplifies my own energies - feeling more clear and intuitive whenever I am around her. Her meditations are beautiful and soul touching. Leaving me with tears, joy and new understandings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Dear Friend & Soul Sister

Camilla RH

“I recently had the privilege of participating in one of Malin’s meditation circles. Malin possess this unique attribute of being simultaneously angelic and very grounded. This unique quality enables her to create a powerful container for the participants. Specifically, it allowed me to journey to great depths in my spirit while feeling completely safe and held in the process. Malin maintains a powerful presence and connection with everyone in the circle throughout the meditation. She tastefully incorporates her voice and various other instruments to help facilitate the process and was always sensitive to my individual. I have been seeking out meditations and different means of being able to access the sacred places in my psyche that I have explored over the course of many years working with plant medicines. In many respects, I feel that this experience helped me to touch those places without psychotropics. The wonderful implication here is that I could immediately begin to integrate my experience once I stepped away from the circle into my everyday life. For those that may have a difficult time integrating, Malin is completely available at any time for assistance. I look forward to working with Malin again in the future and would highly recommend these circles for those looking for deep transformation in their lives.”

Spiritual Jedi

Dr. Gregory Lazelle, D.C.

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